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I understand that people have different expectations from their sports therapist. For this reason I offer two basic categories of treatment:

Every customer receives tailored treatment for their exact situation and proper application of this treatment can help where other massage techniques have not had the desired results. I also guide patients on the right stretches and exercises to do at home as part of the treatment plan - It is important that these exercises are carried out, otherwise treatment effectiveness will be impacted

When coming for treatment, please wear loose fitting clothes such as shorts and tshirt. I can also provide shorts and tshirt if you happen to forget.

Example Treatments

Outdoor Session

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Focussing on the upper shoulders and neck, intial review session lasts 1-2 hours, with 2-4 follow up sessions of similar timescales to resolve muscular stiffness and/or trapped nerves

Tendonitis Massage

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

For accute injuries and chronic localised stiffness, 1-2 hours over 1-2 sessions typically results in significant improvements. It is important to rest the arm fully for up to 3 days after treatment

Stiff Joints Steam Treatment

Steam Treatment

Another option available to clients is use of Steam therapy. These session take 2 hours with the preliminary use of steam to help loosen the muscles before working on the problem areas. Benefits are usually realised after 3-4 sessions

Back Pain Relief

Lower Back & Legs

Common issues with in this area include sciatica, tight hamstrings, and weak core. Initial review session lasting 1-2 hours, with 3-4 follow up sessions, and provided exercise advice for practice at home

Feet and Calves

Heel to Achilles Tendon

These areas can vary greatly in treatment needs owing to the potential sensitivity of the related injuries. 1-2 hours of treatment for anywhere between 2-5 sessions, focussing on improving circulation and natural healing

Healthy Mum, Feeling Great

Pregnancy Massage

Massage techniques can be safely used throughout pregnancy in most cases, although I advise this treatment only post 12 weeks. 90 minute massages for 2-3 sessions to help relax and ease the body

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Stress & Anxiety Treatment

For those suffering from poor sleep, stress, or anxiety, a relaxing massage can help ease tension and help with circulation which can bring relief from symptoms, and prevent conditions such as alopecia. Monthly 90 minute massages are recommended


Many many more...

In addition to the treatments listed, I can also treat and provide home exercise plans for injuries and pain in other parts of the body: knees, wrists, hamstrings, achilles tendon, calf, groin, abdominal, arthritis, and others

Please be aware, due to the nature of working with injuries and chronic pain; manipulating and stretching muscles, releasing trapped nerves and trigger points, etc - treatments can sometimes be quite painful. During the treatment, take deep breaths and remember that you will feel much better afterwards. There is also a very good chance that you will feel tender for 2-3 days afterwards - again, do not worry as this is completely normal, and the next time you go for treatment it will be less painful than the first time!

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